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Standard Text 

A standard text will generally be instantly understood and no special knowledge is needed in a particular field. It does not require the translator to be overly creative or make it necessary to research terminology. Sentences will be short and usually below 30 words in length

Professional Text 

Most of the texts received for translation fall into this category. To translate a professional text, the translator will have to to draw on their knowledge of a particular field or will have to research terminology. The length of sentences will often be longer and more varied. The translator will also need to be more creative in order to transmit the content of the translation 100%.

Advanced Text 

An advanced text will challenge the skills of the translator. Research, specific knowledge, creativity, experience and profound writing skills are just some of the attributes that might be needed. Customers may also be required to help with terminology.

Website Translation 

Websites feature numerous text forms and designs. A website will often contain regular, professional and advanced texts. If you would like to have your  website translated into English, please send us the URL (web address) of your site and we'll get back to you with a no-obligation, free quote. We also need to know if the whole website needs to be translated or just certain sections.


Quoting an accurate price for proofreading is not easy. While some of the writing in English needs very little correction and can be done quickly, other texts may take much longer than it would have to translate them from the original text. Therefore the price for proofreading is calculated per hour.

General information 

Price is also dependent on which format the document for translation is sent to GTTS. A fax of poor quality, for example, will be more expensive to translate than a clear Word document. GTS also has a minimum order charge of 100 Euro for 1st customers.


GTTS prefers to transfer all translations by e-mail or electronically. We can, of course, post (CD ROM) or fax your translation.

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